AAPICO Hitech PLC was established in 1996 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2002. The Company’s main businesses initially were to design, produce, and install assembly jigs, stamping dies, and manufacture OEM auto-motive parts, including floor parts, cross members, pillars, brackets, clips, and fuel tanks. The Company has later progressed to produce plastic, forging, machining, and chassis frame components. In addition to its core operations, the Company has invested in other businesses associated with the automotive industry, namely car dealerships and car navigation system. As of today, the AAPICO Group is comprised of 37 subsidiary and associate companies (27 in Thailand and 10 overseas). The Company’s main customers are leading automotive assemblers in Thailand.

AAPICO Hitech PLC has a paid-up capital of Baht 322.58 million. The Company’s major shareholders are Mr. Yeap Swee Chuan and family holding 39.85% of total outstanding shares and Sojitz Corporation holding 15.76% of total outstanding shares. The Company has two factories located at Hitech Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya province and Amata City Industry Estate in Rayong province. Its main customers are Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Isuzu Motor Co., (Thailand) Ltd., etc.

AAPICO Group Business

The main business of the Company and its affiliates can be categorized as follows:

1. OEM Auto Parts Manufacturing Brazed Steel Tubing
  • Sanoh Industries Co., Ltd.
Chassis Frame
  • AAPICO Amata Co., Ltd.
  • AAPICO Structural Products Co., Ltd.
Forged and Machined Parts
  • AAPICO Forging PLC.
  • AAPICO Precision Co., Ltd.
  • Kunshan Chaitai-Xincheng Precision Forging Co., Ltd.
Fuel Lines, Brake Lines, Engine Parts
  • Able Sanoh Industries (1996) Co., Ltd.
Metal Stamping and Welding Parts
  • AAPICO Amata Co., Ltd.
  • AAPICO Hitech PLC. (Ayutthaya & Rayong)
  • AAPICO Hitech Parts Co., Ltd.
  • AAPICO Mitsuike (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • AAPICO Lemtech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Sumino AAPICO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Welding and Assembly Body-in-White (BIW)
  • AAPICO Sodecia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Plastic Parts and Plastic Fuel Tank
  • AAPICO Plastics PLC.
  • Thai Takagi Seiko Co., Ltd.
  • Katsuya (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Roof Ditch Molding, Belt Line Molding, Door Sash
  • Minth AAPICO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Steel Fuel Tank System
  • AAPICO Hitech PLC.
Door check,Door Hinges,Parking Brake Lever
  • Edscha AAPICO Automotive Co., Ltd.
2. Design & Manufacture of Assembly Jigs
  • AAPICO Hitech Tooling Co., Ltd.
3. Design & Manufacture of Stamping Dies
  • AAPICO Hitech Tooling Co., Ltd.
4. Car Dealership Mitsubishi Dealer
  • Able Motors Co., Ltd.
Ford Dealer
  • New Era Sales Co., Ltd.
Honda Dealer
  • Tenega Setia Resources Sdn. Bhd.
  • New Era Sales (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Hyundai Distributor
  • Hyundai Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
5. Car Navigation
  • AAPICO ITS Co., Ltd.
  • AAPICO ITS Sdn. Bhd.
  • AAPICO QI Sdn. Bhd.
  • Quantum Inventions Pte. Ltd.
6. Others Engineering Research & Development
  • AAPICO Engineering Co., Ltd.
Investment Activities, Merger & Acquisition
  • AAPICO Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Foton Passenger Vehicles Distribution (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • AAPICO Investment Pte. Ltd.
  • AAPICO Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
  • Able ITS Pte. Ltd.
Oracle System
  • A ERP Co., Ltd.
Training Activities
  • AAPICO Training Center Co., Ltd.
Manufacture of Accessories for Transporatation
  • Jackspeed Corporation Limited